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Photography by Kmax


Salt Spring Design has state of the art equipment, cameras, lighting, reflectors, gels, manfrotto fluid head tripod, wireless and shotgun microphones and we are more than experienced enough to get the job done and do it well.

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photography by Kmax

Salt Spring Design is a full service multimedia production service. We design, build, host and maintain, high quality adaptive web sites based on the latest technologies, including CMS systems, Drupal, Wordpress, Business Catalyst. Our skills include custom themeing, .css3, html-5, app development, cartography and GIS, audio/photo/video production and editing.

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Went down to California the slow way; here is a bit of what happened, visually speaking.


I'm a multimedia artist currently travelling about on a sailboat called Mystic in Western Canada. My work, which includes photography, video, and audio/music has been used for...

early rushes from the shoot by Phil Pendry in Toronto, Canada, Belly Dance Convention, for The Sensualist's Dream Video Series


Working on a video series called, The Sensualist's Dream, producer philpendry.com, concieved, written and directed by Kmax. We will be shooting this spring in Europe mainly and...


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